How I Got Here

Thank you for taking the time to read a bit about me. I’m looking forward to learning more about your goals.

Upon graduating journalism school in 2002, my life-long love of writing became a full-time reality. Launching into my first major project, I co-wrote and edited a legacy memoir with Paul Jeffries, famed tattoo artist and the visionary behind Smilin’ Buddha Tattoo in Calgary.

The fast-paced business world of Calgary kept me busy for years as a freelance writer and editor and I wrote for Avenue, Where, Swerve, the Calgary Herald and many others. I’ve chatted with Ang Lee about prairie oysters, hung out backstage with Order of Canada recipients Blue Rodeo, and written about a Monsanto art show for THIS magazine.

Immersed in the thriving arts scene, I edited the first annual arts guide for Fast Forward Weekly and profiled artists for Galleries West. Joining the creative team at iStockphoto, I created a wide range of content and communicated with a robust and growing community of international artists. As the voice of the company, I also documented international photoshoots.That same year, I wrote and edited the Calgary Book of Everything, which quickly became a best seller. When Dave Kelly of City TV interviewed me about the project, he dubbed me the “ultimate researcher”.

During a sojourn in New York City in 2008 (right before the crash) I wrote about the complex world of art as investment for the Sunday Times of London. It was an intense creative experience living on the Lower East Side and I discovered a passion for photography that led me to some incredible opportunities and collaborations. When I returned to Calgary, I immersed myself in editorial photography and shot the Lilith Fair return for Spin.com. Although I focus mainly on writing these days, I still dabble and enjoy taking my vintage Pentax film camera out for a spin.

Bringing the prairie work ethic with me to Vancouver in 2012, I wrote and directed a short film and wrote about my experience for the Tyee.

In late 2018, I joined the small and mighty local team of Good Pitch Vancouver to provide outreach and event coordination for a unique event that supports social justice filmmakers in building robust communities around their projects. There were many goosebump inducing moments during that contract, including meeting David Suzuki.

The sublime energy of the West coast, combined with the growing number of ethical companies that are thriving here, sparks my inspiration daily. Conversing with passionate creatives lights me up, and I love it when someone shows me a new way of thinking.

My mission is to support and work with individuals and companies that are community minded and purpose driven to launch memorable events and convey your story in a way that feels true and magnetic.

Tererai Trent asks: “What breaks your heart?” For me, it’s the stories that go untold, the magnificent life threads and experiences that have the potential to bring us together, but languish in the neverland of “someday”.

If you’re ready to take action and create impact, let’s talk. Please choose a time that works for you here.

Roberta is a warrior, a knowledge seeker, a lover of the human experience. She embodies compassion naturally and doesn’t have to work at being kind. There are so many amazing traits that Roberta possesses, however, it is her love of writing that stands out the most.

-Holly Allen
As a visual artist I am required to submit artist bios to galleries as part of the press material for upcoming exhibitions. In 2017 Roberta McDonald crafted an evocative and succinct monograph that highlighted my life story in relation to my artwork’s themes quite beautifully. I would highly recommend her for any written product, whether it’s artist profiles, features and/or bios- she will deliver with skill and professionalism.

-O Ramirez Castillo
Roberta rolls with the punches and gives her heart and soul to every project I’ve seen her take on. She sees the best in people and is exceptional at creating community wherever she goes.

-M Jones, Producer/Artist
I love working with Roberta. I can always count on her to deliver quality work in a quick turnaround. She makes it really easy to start a project and can work independently without having to be micromanaged.

-K Rowe, Front Rowe Seat
Roberta is level headed, easy to work with and contributes fresh ideas during brainstorming sessions. Always upbeat and positive, she is great to work with and I recommend her for any clients or businesses in need of a creative professional.

-D Hader, Oh Boy Productions
Roberta was always on the alert for that special story, that exclusive piece, a review or interview. Working far from our base in Toronto, Roberta took the initiative, worked on her own, and always delivered something worth reading. She’s a terrific writer. Knowledgeable, curious, aggressive and with a style that made her contributions special.

-R Lucas, Northernstars Media