Mid-summer is the ideal time to slow down and unplug. Lay off social media and dangle heated feet in salty water. I’ve been indulging in the delights of Kits pool (the longest salt water pool in North America) on the daily and it’s been a joy.

As I unfurl into the summer lull, I feel the urge to express my gratitude for the photographer Silmara Emde, an engaging and vivacious creative I met through Small Business BC.

I couldn’t resist snapping a photo of the photographer

She captured beautiful environmental portraits for my new site and made the whole process so easy and relaxed. It’s a pleasure working with someone with such creative zest and enthusiasm for visual storytelling.

If you’re looking for evocative and lush lifestyle photography, I wholeheartedly recommend the Orange Lamphouse Studio.

Now back to that saltwater magic.

Reflections from one of my fave spots, Be Fresh. Silmara Emde photo. 

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