Have you got an idea burning up your brain you can't wait to share with folks because you know it will change their lives for the better? Yes? Let's talk.


Manuscript Consultation

The early stages of any manuscript can be daunting. If you feel lost on next steps to to finish your book, I can help focus your energy and get your project finished.


Your story is exquisite and necessary, but maybe you don’t have the time and resources to put it all onto the page. I can help. I've written four books and countless magazine/newspaper articles and blogs. My 18 years of experience have helped me cultivate a powerful capacity for empathy while deepening my understanding of the rigours and nuances of telling a good story.

I love working with Roberta. I can always count on her to deliver quality work in a quick turnaround. She makes it really easy to start a project and can work independently without having to be micromanaged.

-K Rowe, Front Rowe Seat


Marketing Content

The Story Behind the Story: When you’re ready to connect with your audience, I can craft a robust narrative for all your online channels that amplifies your creative process while highlighting the heroic measures it takes to make a film. Let’s get folks buzzing about your project.

Press kits

Including creative team bios and project background, I create attention grabbing EPK’s that will get your project noticed by the media.

Roberta was always on the alert for that special story, that exclusive piece, a review or interview. Working far from our base in Toronto, Roberta took the initiative, worked on her own, and always delivered something worth reading. She’s a terrific writer. Knowledgeable, curious, aggressive and with a style that made her contributions special.

-R Lucas, Northernstars Media



Bringing over 15 years experience writing feature articles, profiles and books, I thrive on finding the unique in the everyday and creating compassionate content. If you're looking for some fresh writing for your media channel, non-profit or blog, I can help.

Website content

Creating an engaging website can feel overwhelming. As an experienced content creator and storyteller, I can translate your ideas into success stories. Whether it’s some fresh blog stories, or a landing page that reflects your values and goals, it would be a pleasure to clarify your vision and help you connect with your audience.

As a visual artist I am required to submit artist bios to galleries as part of the press material for upcoming exhibitions. In 2017 Roberta McDonald crafted an evocative and succinct monograph that highlighted my life story in relation to my artwork’s themes quite beautifully. I would highly recommend her for any written product, whether it’s artist profiles, features and/or bios- she will deliver with skill and professionalism.

-O Ramirez Castillo